20 Spooktacular Outdoor Halloween Decorations

20 Spooktacular Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Fall has arrived. October is here. Halloween will soon be knocking at your door! When Halloween comes knocking (along with the trick or treaters!) make sure your home is ready to welcome it! Country Living has a bevy of ways to spruce up your home for the ghosts & goblins that may pay a call!

Halloween Decorations


35 Fantastic Freezer Recipes

35 Fantastic Freezer Recipes

Busy days are coming when Holiday events & prep add to your already hectic schedule. It becomes easy to pick up fast food for the family throughout the week or to simply grab “whatever” to throw together at the last minute. And then we wonder why we all get sick come January! This Holiday season, take a moment to prepare some freezer recipes that allow you to create nutritious meals for your family without as much stress. We are working smarter, not harder this Holiday season. BHG helps with these fantastic recipes for you & your family!

Freezer Recipes

Easy Fall Prep for a Warm and Cozy Home

Easy Fall Prep for your Home

Deny it all you like, winter is coming! Before the first frosty blast of frigid air invades, prep your home for winter. Create a cozy retreat for you & your family, a place where all of you can relax at the end of the day & feel safe, secure & warm. This Old House offers tips & ideas to help you create a cozy retreat out of your home this winter. Stay warm no mater how hard the winter wind blows. Cozy is such a Simple Joy!

Cozy Home